ASCA International Face change!

To optimize the development of complementary medicines and highlight the training qualities of health practitioners and the care they provide.

International platform
complementary medicines

Its design allows patients to evaluate the effectiveness of therapies by consulting the “list and description of therapies” and, under each therapy, we find the list of practitioners who practice in Belgium, France and Switzerland.

The site is interactive, health practitioners have the opportunity to view different sections that they can animate to make the site more attractive.

They also have the opportunity to subscribe to a private area, which they can modify at any time, to complete their contact information as well as any other professional information.

A new “home” page has been developed to have easy access to some of the main news items in order of publication.

To thank new members of the trust they are showing to ASCA International, their contact details appear for a certain period on the “home” page.

The “Insurance” section offers, under very interesting conditions, “Professional Liability” insurance and “Legal Protection” insurance, which is specifically designed for non-medical health practitioners.

Regarding the “mutuals”, with whom we have permanent relations, are faced with the lack of law allowing the recognition of complementary medicines.

Osteopathy and chiropractic, which are not considered as conventional, have been registered in the legislative texts, as falling under “patients’ rights and quality of care”.

Why not other therapies! Collaboration with the Professional Associations would be desirable to advance negotiations with the competent authorities in this field. A collaborative project will be sent to Associations in the near future.

All partners listed in this new site have a large international audience, which will greatly expand the development of their activities.

Everything has been set up so that people who want to learn about all the benefits of access to complementary medicines, to maintain or regain good health can find, very easily in this site, an appropriate treatment.

In our “general information” section you will find all the conditions to take an active part in this new image for the harmonious development of complementary medicines.

You certainly have information to communicate to us, in connection with one of our sections. This interests us! So do not hesitate to send them to us by e-mail. They will be visible on our website “”.

We can not recommend recommending you to regularly consult, in order to better follow its evolution and take advantage of all the privileges granted.