The concept of global health, how it works, its strengths

Is an independent, multifunctional organization serving partners working in the field of health and more specifically in the development of complementary medicines.

What are its partners?

    Patients – The General Public
    Who know or do not know the benefits of complementary medicine and who want to learn, with the help of health practitioners, the art and the way of living in good health.

    Health practitioners
    Asca International are health professionals, regardless of which therapies are used. They are able to establish a “health check” and advise appropriate treatment to the patient’s state of health.

    The ASSUREMA Group
    Proposes an exclusive “Green Life” contract with the advantages of a complementary high-performance health and bespoke, plus a management of complementary medicines and Phytotherapy.

    Training Schools
    Harmonize, in collaboration with the Asca International Certification Commission, teaching programs to increase their quality and optimize the training of future health practitioners.

    Professional Associations
    Gather health practitioners. They control their training and organize continuing education courses. Thus they contribute, in partnership with ASCA International, to increase the quality of care provided by their members.

    The Guide asca nova sana
    Is the directory of health practitioners, which contains all the contact details of health professionals, in alphabetical order, by department and by therapy recognized by “asca nova sana”.
    The guide is open to all health professionals, who have completed a comprehensive training validated by a diploma or certificate.