Wharf Safety: Observing Safety at Harbors, Public Ferries and Wharf Areas

With Sydney’s waterfront reportedly seeing more tourists and homegrown visitors in 2017, the city’s port trust is working overtime to make sure their citizens and visitors remain safe on holidays. With many exciting water features like cruises, aquatic wildlife tours, water jets and wharf transport Sydney operators offer, it is important to enjoy them responsibly.

The following guideline is a simple yet efficient way of making sure you and your entire family remains safe and has the maximum amount of fun while visiting the many harbors and aquatic entertainment areas around Sydney’s coast.

Notice Notices

Usually, driving may be the only time you actually pay attention to signs. It should be the same for taking wharf transport Sydney vacations as well. Notices are placed around public transport areas not only to let people know about delays and timings, they also warn people regarding maintenance, wharf safety and appropriate on-boarding and off-boarding techniques.

Be Accountable For Children

Sydney’s Harbor is an exciting area for children to observe, be entertained and grow. However, if they are young it could be dangerous too. Make sure you keep a close eye on your child whether they are walking on the pier or taking wharf transport Sydney operators offer with you. With many cruises available that will introduce your children to new marine life, it is also important for them to be prepared with a life vest on board a cruise or Sydney wharf transport.

Check The Weather

Depending on which part of the year you decide to visit, an almost year around sunny Sydney, rains are known to make seas get choppy in the bay. Always check the weather forecast before you leave on an exciting adventure like a party cruise or wharf transport in Sydney.

Emergency Services

If you plan on being out on the water all day, once on board your wharf transport Sydney operators provide, make sure you have some idea of the emergency numbers or services on hand. Although the staff on your cruise might be extremely helpful and amiable, if you are traveling with elderly or young family members, having emergency numbers stored should be a priority.

Don’t Break Any Rules

Harbour safety policies are in place to keep staff, engineers, and passengers safe. Be careful of your actions and how you take pictures or conduct yourself. Do not lean over the edge or allow your kids to do so either. Do not smoke or drink where it is prohibited and be courteous to other passengers who may be on vacation with their families as well.

Know Your Route

Like an airplane ride, you should have some idea before heading out to open sea where or in which direction the captain plans to go. This is crucial for your safety on a boat. If there is an accident or something breaks down in open water, knowing your location to get help is very important. These days with better satellite systems, receiving a signal on the coastline or harbor is not as difficult as it used to be a decade ago.

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