Wood Watches: Form Meets Function

A few years ago, when you mention a company like Wewood that specializes in the design and manufacture of wooden watches, you would probably be met with ridicule. The idea of creating a quality wood watch might seem far out then but it is becoming more and more common today. In fact, men and women alike who are into collecting watches that are unique in style prefer the use of wooden watches. The reasons are aplenty and one of those reasons include the fact that this style of watch combines both functionality and style.

Technology vs Tradition

Nowadays, people are consumed with digital technology. It seems as though people’s attention are only fascinated by anything that is modern and uses digital technology. Where do timeless timepieces fit into this? You will be surprised how the contrast and uniqueness of new wood watches will capture the attention of consumers. Watches have been used as a fashion accessory for several centuries; by bringing the design back into something traditional, it captures their attention. The desire for innovation is also one of the biggest appeals for consumers in this day and age. If there is something new to their attention, they will be drawn to it.

The wood watches from brands like Wewood is an example of this trend. Young people nowadays like to be the first one to try out a new trend. Hence, switching back to traditional watch styles like a wooden watch is going to be an important element into your personal style.

Wood Watches: More than Meets the Eye

But aside from the beauty of the wooden materials used on a watch design, there are more reasons to buy wood watch than you might realize at first. The form and beauty is undeniable. All wood watches are made by hand because of the intricacy of the details and woodwork involved. Hence, it makes you appreciate the design and look even more. Check out http://www.we-wood.us

The versatility of the design is another reason to consider buying from companies like Wewood. You can choose a design that is made entirely out of wood. Even then, you can create different styles and looks depending on the type of wood used for creating the watch. You can also use a combination of wood and metal, or leather bands for making a wooden watch. The possibilities for creating the perfect wood watch style are endless! Therefore, it also pays to research on which manufacturer to buy from to ensure that you have as many style options as possible.

Functionality and Benefits

Style might fade over time or change depending on the trends in the market. But there is one thing that you won’t regret about investing in a wooden watch: it is highly functional and never fades (unlike metal). In fact, wooden watches become better and more resilient the more you use them.

Moreover, the eco-friendly method of producing wooden watches is something to support. Most companies who manufacture wooden watches use recycled or renewable materials for creating these watches. You can therefore lower your carbon footprint when supporting these products.